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Glossary of financial terms




Retail prices index. The main measure of inflation in Britain. It is sometimes referred to as "headline" inflation. Underlying inflation adjusts the figure for mortgage interest payments.

Redemption penalties

The cost of repaying a mortgage early. Beware of confusion. The building societies ombudsman says that "borrowers consistently fail to understand why they cannot 'transfer' to another product within the society, except on payment of a redemption penalty, when the penalty is said to be payable only on 'repayment'." Before you sign on the dotted line for a home lone, read the terms that apply to you.


Regulatory News Service. Operated by the Stock Exchange. It collects price sensitive information from listed companies and distributes it to all RNS subscribers in stockbroking offices, dealing rooms and media organisations.


You may re-negotiate a better mortgage deal for your existing property. A re-mortgage may prove cheaper in terms of legal fees than an ordinary mortgage because legal fees may well be paid by the new lender.

Rights issue

A way for a company to raise money by issuing more shares in an offer to shareholders. As a shareholder you have a "right" to a certain number of shares under the terms of the offer, ie one new share for every five you hold. You may, or may not, wish to take up these rights depending on what you think of the prospects for the company and on whether you can spare the extra money.


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